Love is at my door













Love is at my door

I whispered your sweet name.
My sweet dreams bring your beautiful face to my memory.

I dream of our blissful nights.

Kiss after kiss.
Leading us to the paradise of the innocent.
Opening a passion that grows with each tender touch.

My Winter love.
You came to me on a cold December day.
You brought me into a raging torrent my siren.

We tries to burn away the passion.
Desperate to satisfy the desire of the flesh.
That can’t be fulfilled.

My desire increased with each dance.
In the fire of emotion and sexual battle.

I hear a soft knock at my door.
I open the door.

My beauty.
My blue eye Angel with six wine coolers.
Wrapped  her arms around me.

Sweet kisses and warm embraces lead us to our secret place.
Where Lover’s lay nude.
Heart and mind free.

I whisper my beautiful lady.
I have found you again.

I’m your. You are mine.
You are my ecstasy.

I love all of you.

4 April 2009