Babbling of a insane man. Chapter one and two.



Babbling of a insane man.

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


You must dance with life and death to know real peace.


                      Chapter one

The chess game


I drove to Austin, Texas today. I like to get to Austin early. Find some good parking and roam the city. The old city had everything. Good bars, pretty woman and a river park to relax and think. Today is a poetry reading and I signed up to read and be a back-up reader. I arrived early. Parked my car near the park and looked for a good cup of coffee. I had to return to my truck. Get my chess game and notebook. Here with the college kids. Always an opportunity for a chess game and some conversation.I buy a large coffee at a coffee shop near the college and sat down and watch the people walking by. I lay the notebook and the chess game  on the table in a closed box. Today was a good day. The fall weather in Texas is very good. 75 degrees and the sun is shining. I didn’t sleep much. I stayed till closing time in Belton, Texas. Best country bars in the world. Beautiful woman who ask you to dance. I love Texas. I became part of her as soon as I hit the first tavern in Austin three years ago in 1993.I hear a voice. I looked up. A pretty girl with a smile asked “Could I join you?”  I looked around. The coffee shop was empty. I told her please join me with some caution. She gave me her hand and I took it. She told me. “Nice to meet you, My name is Lilith. I have looked for you.”  I told her my name is Johnnie. Roaming Poet waiting for the poetry reading. I smiled and asked. Why are you looking for me?The girl had long brown hair flowing down her back. She was wearing a long white dress that showed her off pretty feet wearing light sandals. Her eyes were clear blue and held my attention. They were old eyes. She was a sexy woman and she held my gaze without fear.

She sat down and she opened the chess game. She gave me the white side  and she set the board with care. She told me.”Chess is a good game. It is like life. We must take chances good and bad. Hope for a good ending.” I asked if she wanted some coffee? She told me very sweet with a lot of cream. I bought the coffee and I returned. She is reading my journal. She looked up and smiled. “I read the story about Monterey. You met the caretaker. I heard you pissed him off. He don’t lose often. He said you were filled with anger and destruction. I don’t feel the anger today?”

I told her. You know a lot about a stranger. I was pissed off once.  I met the old man at the sea. The caretaker wasn’t pissed off. He told me I had a lot of living to do. I was filled with anger and disappointment then. I found a better path. I want to know who are you?

Lilith smile and told him. “I’m many people. I came to you in Belton once. I told you to quit drinking. You were living for the deadly sins. Pride, lust, greed, gluttony and wrath. Envy wasn’t your passion. You didn’t give a damns about anything. Nothing worst than a sloth who want nothing but pity and flesh.”

I smiled and asked her. ” Some people are destined to go to purgatory without fear. What concern do you have for me?  She lost her smile and told me. ” Purgatory isn’t paradise my friend. You are a Nagual. You can feel evil and cure. In purgatory. You are waited for nothing. Not desired by hell or heaven. A dead man need a place to know some kind of peace. Dear Johnnie. Purgatory isn’t your destiny. You have swim in sin of flesh, booze and left nothing but sadness in your tracks. Limbo is for the lucky who didn’t hold lusts, gluttony, greed, anger, violence and fraud to gain flesh and profit. Your road will be treachery if you don’t change your way.”

I moved my first pawn on the chess game. She smile and asked. “French defense want a draw. Are you afraid to play a real game. Are you afraid of this old spirit?” I smiled and I told her. Better to test your opposite and see what their skills are. A fools played to win blinded if he don’t know his opposition.”

Lilith smiled and told me. “Your wisdom is true. Today we have a lot of time to discover the hidden secrets. Better to play the French defense and see who know  the trickery in the game of chess.

© 2013 Coyote Poetry

Re-alignment of hell Chapter two

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


The world had changed. Hell needed room for the new kinds of sin.


   Re-alignment of hell.Lilith moved her pawn to d-4.  Counter move to my initial move. Lilith smiled and told me. “I have a drawing for you.  More of a description. Hell had changed. Sin had changed. I need you to described the new alignment. Sin had become more deadly. Free-will had led man to new areas of sin and violence. Rape, abortion and  slaughter of the innocent.  Men who killed children will be at the last level. Treachery to  their own people and murder/destruction  of land without cause will know the pits of hell forever.”I smiled and asked. “Why me. I’m no-one special. Why would anyone believe a lone writer listening to you Lilith.”
She smiled and told me. “You have no choice. You have nothing to lose or gain. You were picks because you desire to know everything and to know nothing. You lost your Beatrice and your Daniela.  Today you sit stalemated in life. Time to do one proper deed in your life.” She handed him some notes on silky feeling paper. The handwriting was old English. It was written with skill and not in a rush.Level one     Limbo

Limbo is the same in a sense. For non-believers and naysayers. People who held fruitless lives are destine to wait for a reason to go forward or fall backward.

Level two     Thieves, liars and and pretenders.

People who lived by stealing, who used lies to create fault truth and pretenders.  This place is lonely and destine. People who stole, fabricate fake lives and pretenders who made profit off good charity without concern for the needy.

Level three       Drugs, alcohol and dependency.

A lot of people will be here. People who lived on things that destroyed the body. The temple of God. Will know the punishment of internal need with no fulfillment.

Level four        Abortion.

Man’s great sin. Killing babies before they are born. This is a sad place. The river of death make the abusers know internal struggle and the screams of dead babies leave no peace for the sinner.

Level five       Brother killing brother.   (Cain and Abel.)

Today in many places. Brother killing brother. This is a great sin. Men who kill their brother and sisters for sake of religion or revolution will know constant death. This is a eye for a eye place.

Level six        Greed

Men who made profit off war and death. Men who assisted in the florist of war will suffer unknown pain and learn you can’t take your wealth to hell with you.

Level seven       Rape and abuse

This is a deadly sin. Men who rape and abuse will live among demons who will terrorized and rape till the end of time.

Level eight       Fake religion leader and leaders who murdered people for the sake of hate and control.

This place will be overloaded. Men who speak with smiles and fake promises will know fire and abuse by demons. Religion men who sin and preaches love and forgiveness will know fire and abuse by the demons.

Level nine                     Treachery and murder

This is where the men who slaughtered millions and speak of them like the human life was nothing. These men are killers of hope and people. Men who led country to bloodshed and killed for personal reasons. This place is very nasty. No peace for these men. Heat, demons and screams of the innocent will be their reward.

I looked up. I asked Lilith. “Is there the forgiveness of Jesus still?

Lilith told me. “It is your move Johnnie.”
I moved e-6 to set-up the French defense.
She smiled and told me. “We have time for more detail. The levels of hell had to be changed. Man had degraded to new level of sin. Free-will backfired. Satan did little.”

Lilith copy my move and I looked into her clear blue eyes filled with a million questions.