The stormy sea

The Pacific

The Pacific

The Stormy Sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When dreams die. We have no reason or purpose. Need to keep hope and love alive.


The stormy sea

The beauty of the Monterey bay.
Leave us feeling peaceful and thankful.

The Poets read at the Pacific Grove coffee shop tonight.
The 20 or so people enjoy hearing the words of the Poet’s
willing to share their words.

Six Poets old and young after the reading share some wine
and beer on the cliffs of Pacific Groves.

The cliffs are amazing.
Can see for miles the powerful Pacific ocean.
In the daytime.
Whales swim by in the distance.

I’m 34 years old.
I feel like a century in age.
Young girl sit at my feet.
She read poetry of suicide and cutting.
I read my poetry of my brothers.
killed by their own hands.

She is holding my hand.
Tells me life has become a useless journey.
25 years old.
Condemn to sadness and destitute by bad decisions.

I try to dilute her pain and affliction with stories
of possibilities and a new day.

We walk the beach of Monterey.
We watch the waves dance upon the shore.
The melody of the breezes whisper secrets of
Lovers who walk before us.

Only the ocean and the moon know the secret of
passion and sadness hidden safely.

I watch her run into the cold ocean water.
Her red silk dress and bare feet.
Her long brown hair flowing in the wind.
So beautiful.

She ask me.
Her blue eyes searching my eyes.
Would you stay with me? Then smiles.
I wrote a poem for you.

Open the door to my heart.
Night has fallen.
Let’s ascend slowly.
Dance with me under the
Monterey moon.

Let’s remove the barricade
of disappointment.
Even if we are just
a mirage.
Please entice my heart to
come alive.

I tell her.
I blunder and betrays many in the emotion of love.
You are exquisite and so beautiful.
Your kiss would be a elixir to open my heart.

She smile and pull me up.
She bring her warm body against me.
We dance the waltz of dreams and hope.
The music of the waves are our orchestral.
The wind whisper a sweet love song.

She begin with gentle and sweet kiss.
Her body tremble with fear as her wall of
fear begin to fall apart.
Longer and sweeter kisses lead us to opening
new dreams.

The light of morning.
Two strangers. Now friends.
Open new doors to emotion and love.

Her eyes are bright and hopeful.
She ask me is it too late to know love?
To swim in the real passion and desire?

I smile and bring her close.
I tell her.
We must rise from the ash and asphalt.

I have tasted your sweet lips.
Now neither night or sleep will keep me
from trying to bring joy and laughter into your life.

She smile and told me “My sweet and sad Poet.

I want your dreams to  flourish to hope

and great possibility.”

I whisper.
Love take time and kindness.

1 August 2009