Sweat, blood and tears.

Old memories become sweet dreams in old age.

Old memories become sweet dreams in old age.


Sweat, blood and tears.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Karma is a fair judge. You will pay in double for sins done without concern for another.


                                 Sweat, blood and tears.

Inflected and detected by a gentle smile with laughing blue eyes.
Her summer dress hiding no secret of a beautiful young woman.
She sat with me on a warm German summer day in Early September.

Her voice like sweet honey opening doors to possibilities and chance of
a forbidden dance. I told her I was in love with another.
She smiled a sweet smile. Told me. “Love is not owned or controlled.
The lovers who hold on tightly in the night. Need to know the gratitude  of
the dance of the flesh without fear or boundaries.”

I left her sitting alone. Her blue eyes and slim and beautiful body left me wishing to
be more wild and dangerous. I went to my Scottish love and tried to forget the girl face and words.

I promise forever to my Scottish girl. We planned a Summer wedding. She had to go to her home
and would return in 6 months.

I sat alone in the German guesthouse trying to drink away my loneliness.  I felt a presence and
I saw my German girl. Her blue eyes trying to figure my situation. She asked did I need some
company? I said yes with the knowing of regret. When  you dance with the devil. He always win.

I told her my love was gone for six months and I was trying to drink to forget.
She caressed my head. She smiled and requested me to go with her. I follow her to her small
apartment. I sat on her bed and she told me about her life and school.
She brought good coffee and some pantries. She told me she was seventeen and knew who I was.
I was the laughing America. Who knew how to drink and laugh.

She put on some Leonard Cohen. The song Lady midnight led us to fall together. His song Sister of mercy send us to sweet and dangerous kisses. Chelsea Hotel led us to slowly disrobing. Who by fire allow soft and tender caresses to open the door to be fearless and unafraid. Who by fire made two people burn with uncontrolled desire and passion. The song Suzanne took two people into the dance of no return. Candles burn brightly as two
lovers fell into the longing that can be fulfilled only by two bodies dancing as one and  trying to use everything
up in one night. With the morning light peeking in the window. Two lovers lay in sweat and they knew. They have crossed a road of no return or forgiveness.  Leonard Cohen song Take this Longing whispered in the background.

I wrote a poem.
Lover love forever.
Sweet words whisper in the the middle of the dark night.
Are sometime only words of thankfulness for the gift of the flesh.

Me and my German beauty became a pair.
We made no promises. She knew I had another.
One day walking through the city.
I’m walking hand in hand with my German girl.
I saw in the Distance. My Scottish girl with tears.
I didn’t approach her. The next morning I walked the 20 miles to her apartment.

I told her the truth. She forgave me.
She had tears in her eyes. Her tears were like blood tears.
I knew I broke a Angel heart.  I knew my words were worthless.
She told me she loved me and I knew. I would never see her again. Fool’s know they had
crossed a path and forgiveness is never truly given.

I cried and sat by the lake where once love was born  once.
I knew I have broke a sweet woman heart. No mercy for the foolish in love.

I go to my German girl.
She accept me. Told me it is okay. I will take care of you.
I told her. Love is sweat, blood and tears. Why do we destroy all thing that are precious?

She gave me a Journal. She wrote on the first page she loved me and wanted me with her forever.
She would be my home and place to rest. She wrote I love you. She put on the Leonard Cohan music.
The song So long Marianne was playing. Two lovers lay together.

Nine month later. I left her house with my belongings. I held no tears. I learn love of flesh is temporary. My tears of blood were spilled for a brown eyes girl I left to learn. Real love is tender, honest and forever. Fools who waste the gift of love. Will learn the misery and pain in double. Karma is a fair judge.



© 2013 Coyote Poetry