Poetry for love


Two short poems for love.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I’m learning to write poems without being epic.


Sweet blue eyes girl told me.
“You ask for so little.
We have so much to give and we open up the desire love so rarely.
Love can be a sweet treasure.
You can be someone savior or live in regret of walking this life alone.”


Midnight sweet.
Midnight wild.
Secret places and dances keeping two bodies warm and safe.

Sweet love, dirty love.
Love need love to grow and expand.
Bury me in the heat of sweet warm kisses.
The venom of passion leave us wanting more.

I asked the kind woman.
“Lay with me. Whisper your hope and dreams.
I want you naked.
I want you true.
I like when you are free and wild.”

Love is like a fire.
Can expand or die.
We need to wish for things we cannot have.
Better to hold regret for losing in love than to be an observer.

Love will call your name.  (Leonard Cohen)
Will we allow the sweet and kind lady in?
Love bring love.
Kindness bring kindness.
We can be beggars or fools.
Love comes.
Will we open the door?


© 2013 Coyote Poetry