Just enough


Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels (Photo credit: Valentina Photography)

Just enough

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Live fast, test life and hope for a good landing.



This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Just enough



Long distance calls begging me to
stop by and spend time with you in Florida..

You whispered you miss me and needed me.

I’m lonely drowning in dreams I can’t see no more.


I whispered I would come to you.


My Peggy called me when her hunger to
feel a man to enter her and create a feeling of need.

I had turn dirty with sin a long time ago. Peggy knew only
whiskey and sex.

Till you pass out in the turmoil of flesh that can’t ever know


I met her when she was young and beautiful.

Now a thousand
hands has touched her harden flesh.

She wanted now to feel wanted and swim in the
sweat and pain of fucking.


She greeted me at the door. Wearing a short dress and gave me
whiskey tasting kisses.

 I held her close knowing she never worn panties. I
raise her dress touching her yearning flesh.


She took me to her bedroom where the smell of whiskey and
her perfume over take me.

We don’t talk anymore about love and forever.

We gave up on love and we
accepted  the hunger to fulfill our flesh is all we have.


We screwed till exhausted and we felled asleep. I awoke still on
top of her .

Peggy whispered stay inside. I need to feel. I need to
feel alive and needed.



She awoke early. I heard her fixing a breakfast. I go to the

Her worn face thanked me for coming. I was the only one left.


I told her it is Okay. We are dead souls with only our loins
crying to stay alive.

A desperate gift is sometimes is just Enough.


                                 28 October 2008


© 2013 Coyote Poetry