We danced, we loved and you never departed my heart.

English: Monterey Harbor and Fisherman's Wharf...

English: Monterey Harbor and Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We danced , loved and you never departed my heart.


I turned 55 year old. I don’t believe
I’m wiser then when life was to be lived and challenged.

Time is moving so quickly. Old
dreams and wishes appear in my mind.

I want to go back to Monterey and sit upon the

I would play some Leonard Cohen, drink some wines and dream
of you. 

We allowed our lives to become

In sweet dream I dream we never stop loving you and
celebrating being alive.

I see us with friends. Dancing and holding so tight by the
light of the Monterey night. 

I wonder do you ever think of me? Did you find someone to
light up your wild and beautiful spirit?

I close my eyes. Remember our long sweet kisses leading to
our bodies interlocked till the morning light.

We walked the beaches of Monterey for 6 months. Two hands
and hearts holding tightly for we knew our time to dance, love and  celebrate
being together would be but a moment in a life.

I don’t feel sadness for the sweet memories of you still
warm up my old heart today.

I wish one day to find you. Tell you thank you for teaching
me love.

And how to  dance by the light of the Monterey moon and
celebrate being alive.