We were just men and woman
















We were just Men and Woman.


20 soldiers sat and waiting  in a room .The education of War written deep in their brains and hearts. Their souls became  polluted with word kill, protect and be ready.

Old Sergeant came in and told each soldier his or her orders. Iraq is said 20 times and the Sergeant leaves 20 men and woman with the realization in two weeks their lives will  change and they must be ready to kill or die.

Some begin to cry. I told them you joined with this bloody war going on. Where did you believe you would go?

Soldier know their lives are but chess pieces on a game board.  Your time with your friends and family must be moment to remember. Don’t want to leave bad tasting  words as your memory.

The single soldier like myself would find woman to be with and celebrate time like it was  short and you must drink it all up before death comes.

A plane full of Soldiers going to Iraq with M-16 at their  feet. The fear has dissolved and now the mind settle in to months of hard work. Now what is is important is protecting yourself and your buddies.

First Sergeant gave the we are a team talk. We will watch our fellow soldier backs and ensure we all come home safe and sound to our families.

I sat with new friends. Talking of children and sports. The bonding of soldier is necessary. The dick heads are known quickly. The jokers are quickly pushed to the front. I was always the joker. Need to laugh even in the deepest of shit.

We arrived in Kuwait in the night. Small fires can be seen from the skies. First Sergeant began yelling. Off the plane, line up in formation. We will march to safety and in-country briefing.

On the ground our mind changed quickly. We saw damage buildings  and fences. I wished to have some rounds. My mind and heart go on alert for all you can see in destruction.

Soldier wait for direction. Old Air force Sergeant told us simple rules. Don’t go anywhere without a team. Be ready at all times to defend yourself. All soldiers in this country are  targets. You have no Iraq friend here. All are to be treated with question. Watch faces and emotions of anyone when on mission. Be alert and don’t die.

Time moves slowly. Card games become more and talk of home become less.  We were just men and woman doing what we were told.

The best day will be is when you load-up on the plane for the USA. We learned to appreciate the simple things. We leave the shit behind us and dream of what are first moment with the family will be.

Some of us saw things that time won’t heal. Some blood can’t be erase off the hands of some soldiers. Some memories are permanent. Friends shipped off wrapped in USA flag leave all of us with the wonder. Why did I live and my friend did not?

Young soldiers with smiles and hope go to war. Young men and woman with hard faces come back and  try to be happy. A lot of hugs and thankfulness as we depart to family and friends.

We need to remember Soldier are standing tall and following orders. Just men and woman who  are soldiers that will need our thanks and opportunity to heal.


                             Nov. 2008