Texas bars and Texas woman








Texas bars and Texas woman

(A old poem written in 1993. When I roam the Texas as a young man.)

The Doctor told  me.
“You are damn healthy.
You must take care of your self.”

I smile.

I’m thinking about those Long Island ice teas down at the shot bar
that would be enjoying in downtown Austin tonight.

I buried my third brother in a lonely grave in 1990.
They didn’t do a lot of good living.
They were like babies dying before learning how to live.

Hank William Jr. is singing in the background,
“Why do we drink. Why do we smoke”.

I drink to missed friends.
I drink to beautiful women.
I drink for my brother’s.

I smile at  pretty, young Austin‘s girls.
Tall, long legs, and filled with the spirit to celebrate life.
My good luck of being station in Texas.

Nothing better then the Texas two step.
Bringing the young woman close..
Moving across an open dance floor.
Young tempting bodies holding on.

Texas women are my favorite now.
They tell you straight up.
If you’re to be lucky or not.
Long, tall, and enjoy the booze just like me.
Texas’s woman.
Paradise of the settling sun.

I wonder how I lived so long?
I have been walking the edge for many years.
I have been told,
the good died young,
So I still got a good sixty years left to go.

I can’t complain lately.
A lot of good women want to be touched, rode and give you
a hell of a ride.
What a new world.
I barely knew their name.
They hold me like Jesus,
Telling me how wonderful I am.

Fucking and  drinking.
Living and dying.
Life is a strange game.

I don’t give a damn about much lately,
maybe I will get a book published.
Or just keep roaming down highway 35.

My last brother died in 1990.
While I was  33 years old.
Drinking and fucking.
I’m healthy as a new born baby.

My mind is screwed up.
But it is alright.

I know that I’m going to die someday.
Death had whispered in my ear.
“Enjoy your bloody life.
Because nothing but a dead-end road a-coming”.

Written in 1993
Rewrote in 2010

© 2011 Coyote Poetry