I’m no-one. You are everything


I’m no-one. You are everything

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When we love someone more than our-self. We have known real love.


                       I’m no-one. You are everything
Old wise men know. The farewells are dreaded and the hellos are always sweet.
I remember the nights in Tubingen, Germany roaming with her.
We roamed the old city. Hand in hand.
She gave me everything knowing I had nothing left to give.Beautiful Brigitte laid with me in a bed of nails,
knowing I was drowning in bad memories and seeking new dreams.
She taught me what true love is.
When you realize. “You are  no-one and your love is everything.”

Old men know. Words are meaningless.
Love words and words of hate can be forgotten with time and separation.
I believe real proof of love is 50 years of living together.
Surviving the good and bad day.

I dream of Tubingen,
Where I learn we must be stripped bare.
Allow old wounds to bleed.
Rise up to a better place.
Be fearless in the dance of love and life.

I held beautiful Brigitte close in a sleeping bag by the Tubingen river.
A thousand kids drinking, laughing and howling at the moon near.
Her kind words changed my life. I learn what love should be. She whispered.
“I’m no-one. You are everything.”

Old age had taught me. Love can be a curse or a blessing.
Real love is hard work. You must be tender, kind and strong.
When you love someone.
You give all you got and are thankful for the gifts of love in return..

Today I’m wise.
I learn.
I’m no-one and you are everything.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry