Hell-bend highway


Booze (Photo credit: skyanth)

My Brother is free

Always torn and never content.

Being a regular Joe was not so easy for him.

Whiskey and beer dreams.

Paradise blinded by dreams seen
at the bottom of a empty bottles.

We were raised like Brother’s.

He felt no peace in a normal flow of living.

Addiction of life are many.

Sex, Booze and money can bring us to    death gate.

I pray for my Brother in living.

You found some sort of peace in death.

I wish I listen to you more.

I wish I try to understand why the booze
brought peace to your life.

Now I write wasted words.

I will pray you found peace finally.

16 Sept


He told me don’t need to hear your shit.

He asked me are you content?
With your rules and compliant.

You conformed to a system that don’t give
a shit about you.

He drink the whiskey straight.
He offered me a cold beer.

I told him. I know I’m contaminated with B.S.
My mind is diluted with desires and things I don’t need.

But I won’t be condemn to die alone.
Drinking and no-one giving a shit if I’m dead or alive.

He looked at me.
Looking 20 years older then his age.

Whisper Cousin.
It is too late to save me my Brother.

The hell-bend highway

When you get on it.
Can’t get off.

16 Sept 2009

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