Dark eyes Angel who lost her wings.

Strip Club30

Strip Club30 (Photo credit: Todd_Cliff)




The Best of Leonard Cohen

The Best of Leonard Cohen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Dark eyes Angel who lost her wings

I watched her from a distance.
The music is low and sweet.
Bob SegerAgainst the wind” is playing.

She sing with the music.
Her voice trying to fall into the words.

She move her body slow and easy.
Slowly disrobed.
Desperate men waited to see her perfect young body.

The movement is times, organized and controlled.
She can pull a man into her web.
With the easiness of a soft kitten.

Her eyes don’t hide the truth.
When I looked into them they make me feel cold.
Her body is a gift with a payment.

When she worked.
I don’t try to talk to her.
I’m afraid to touch her.

At our apartment.
She put on the Leonard Cohen. “A thousand kisses deep.”
She dances alone in the dark.

Black skirt and tight black t-sheet showing erect nipples.
She came to me.
Sat between my legs.
Looked into my eyes.

She  wrapped her arms around me.
She feel safe with me.
I don’t want love.
Only passion and kindness for a time.

She laid with me on our soft bed.
I read old poetry to her.

Her nude body I caressed and I study every tattoo on her perfect body.  Each tattoo had a story told in the darkness of the lonely night.
I whispered sweet dreams to her cold heart and mind.
I hold her close when she twist and turn fighting hidden demons.

The money is good.
She never miss work.
She dance and never allow anyone into her soul.

Men sit alone in the club.
Wishing to touch her flesh.
They don’t know the payment.

I dance the twisted movement with the woman with the eyes of no pity.
Her anger and pain can overtake you.
Dark eyes Angel lost her wings.

I left her with tears.
She told me.
Never expose your true emotion.

We are just waiting for the walls around us to cave in.

I told  her.
Thank you for the dance and if you find peace.
You can find me.