Art and words

The first song of The Odes, handwritten by Emp...

The first song of The Odes, handwritten by Emperor Qianlong, along with a painting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Art and words

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Art is poetry for the eyes.


                              Art and words

In ancient China. They believed there was a affinity between painting and poetry.
The true masters of words found peace and calm in the beauty of art.

I’m a writer.
I’m jealous of painters and photographers of beauty.
They look at the world with the vision of seeking lasting and permanent creations.
To paint a beautiful woman. To make her face, body and expression forever.
Is a skill to appreciate.
To enhance landscape of great mountains and powerful sea.
Give the artist power over life and death.
The artist left us memories of faces that would of been forgotten with time wasn’t
for their desire to keep the past alive.
I’m thankful for the new and ancient artist.

Writing is a different skill.
Allow time, places and people to stay alive forever.
I recommend to all people. Keep a small diary. Write down the good and the bad days.
Life is long and our memories are short. We need to remember the good people who
taught us how to live.

I believe we need writers and artist. Both are record keepers of the past, present and the future.
A photo or a painting can cause reaction of happiness, tears and rebirth places and memories.

are more powerful than we believe. Men and woman used words to change
the world and the place we live today. Good to be a word-man. Better to
write the truth than swim in the sins of lies.

I agree with the
Ancient Chinese belief. There is a affinity between painting and poetry.
We must understand the  past to tried to live in the present.

Most artists and writers bleed upon canvas and paper.  Artwork is poetry for the eyes. Poetry is artwork for the heart and mind.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry