Blue eyes

Blue eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A very old poem. A wise man always speak with love and kindness to the woman he loved.














Blue eyes

A blue eyed angel is crying for me.
In the turmoil of a kind love.
The paradise of burning and powerful emotion.
It can create a strange prison.

I hold her too tightly.
Then I don’t hold her enough.
The fine line of give and take.
Held on by a few words.

I tried to speak softly.
I don’t want to create a wall of hate and separation.
When the fire of disappointment is upon us.

I close my eyes.
I whispered to my love.
“Let’s stop this craziness. Let’s sit together.
I need to feel you next to me. To  stop the anger and hurt.
Let’s tear down the wall of hate and disappointment. Before the safety of
our love can’t be repaired.”

She falled into my arms.
I whispered. “In a nightmare you didn’t love me anymore. You were my only
sweet dream. And I stood alone and watched you leave my life. I fell down and could
not get up.”

“I allowed you leave my life. I didn’t want to make you feel unwanted.
You were my only wish. I would drown in sadness then to hold you as a
prisoner in a love you did not desire.
For your sweet love have given peace to a man running in circles,
till he looked into your beautiful blue eyes.”

My blue eye lady kissed my lips and brought me close.
Told me. ” You are my only love. You have taught me love is kind and good. Open doors with gentle touches to a new world. Love is hard and need two strong people holding on tight. Love can make us crazy. We need to be kinder and celebrate our time together.”

I brought my blue eyed angel closer. I kissed her hands and told her. “I will always love you. The vision of you dancing to Leonard Cohen and allowing a foolish man into your life. I will always remember.”

My beautiful lady whispered. ” I will always be a safe place for you. I will love you forever and a day.”

Lessons are many in  life.

Love brings love.
Kindness brings kindness.
Some words are best left un-said.
For words can break a heart forever.


© 2011 Coyote Poetry