Dear Santa

MsJewel is a amazing Poet. I asked her could I post her poem here. She is a writer from the site “Writer cafe”.  It is Christmas. We need to be kind to the family and help the needy if we can.

Dear Santa

A Poem by MsJewel


My wish is for every child to have a Merry Christmas


Dear Santa,

I won’t be home this Christmas; you’ll see the house is dark

I’m in the tiny tent on the corner in the park

We don’t have Christmas lights, stockings or a Christmas tree

If it’s not too much to ask, would you please look for me?


I don’t want much this Christmas, but for my brother, mom and dad

I have made a little list…mamas been awfully sad

I know she misses home and her friends, I suppose

but you will make her smile, if you bring her a red rose


Daddy brought her roses a long, long time ago

but they’re hard to find in winter in the ice and snow

Daddy never asks for much, he’s harder to buy for

and since he lost his job at the hardware store…


He’s been a little grumpy, but he’s really very nice

Don’t put him on the naughty list, check it once or twice

And please help him find some work…any job will do

If one of your elves is tired, he could work for you!


Then there’s my brother Sam, he’s only three years old

so he gets scared in the dark and sometimes he gets cold

I think he would really love a cuddly teddy bear

and I’d like one Santa, if you have one more to spare


Merry Christmas Santa, thank you for all you do

I know I’ve asked you for a lot, but I believe in you

I hope it’s not much trouble, to find me in the dark

Remember, I’m in the tiny tent on the corner in the park


Love, Sarah

© 2013 MsJewel