Most Influential Blogger


Thank you for the nomination for the award. I’m given motivation by many great writers and appreciate the kind words and the opportunity to read other bloggers and writers. Thank you.

1. If you could change one thing about our society, what would it be?

The separation. The belief lines upon a map separate people. This is one planet with one people.

2. What do you turn to when in need of inspiration?

My muses are the old and ancient writer. The people of dreams and hope.

3. Name one person, alive or dead, who has influenced you most.

Martin Luther King Jr.

4. What’s your favorite quote?

“Better to hold silence than to speak negative words or use negative actions. We can create permanent separation by words or bad actions against another. Better to speak with love and kindness.” My Grandfather.

5. Share one key insight that has helped you most in your writing.

Real life. I tell the kids often. You must travel, test life and have fun. We learn by testing life, not by waiting for something to happen.

6. Are rules made to be broken?

Some rules need to be broken. Can’t allow our mind to be controlled by false leaders or words. You must know what is true and let the truth be born and spread.


7. What does democracy stand for as far as you’re concerned?

Democracy is the freedom to decide what we want and how we can do it. I believe in the original rules of the USA freedom. Separation of Church and business from the government is the key. Less government.

8. Something you wish could be done ASAP?

Great countries to spend the same amount of money spend on war for education, hunger and the homeless people. Create jobs and hope.

9. If we respect everyone’s opinion as valid, where does that leave hate speech?

No excuses for hate speeches. If there was a bad deed done. Remind the people who done the deed and tried to repair the action. Hate create separation.

10. Do you think online media will replace print in the next few decades?

No. People desire to hold the book and they want to know the real truth.

11. What is the main thing you want to achieve as a blogger?

I believe a blogger desire to spread their knowledge and read other bloggers. We can improve ourselves by reading and expanding our thoughts. Many great writer and Poets. We must find them and share them with the world.

The people I have nominated are wonderful & inspiring people, but if anyone does not want to accept the award that is okay. I just want you to know that I find inspiration from all of you on many levels. I was to choose ten blogs. Those I chose do not state I feel less about the other blogs I follow but the people here have helped me develop my confidence to keep expanding & creating more on my blog.