Sweet Red wine

Sweet red wine















It was early fall. The sweet new wines of Germany came out.
They are cheap and tasty.
It was a beautiful late summer day.
The youth of  the city of Boeblingen surrounded the lake drinking the wine and listening to music.

I was  with my Scottish beauty.
She was so beautiful.
She held me so tightly.
We found a peace in a sweet love only
two innocent in heart can understand.

We drank the sweet red wine.
I asked her to marry me.
We sealed our two lives together,
with sweet and tender kisses.
Her sweet lips tasted of sweet red wine.

















We traveled to Scotland together.
Made promises of forever to the Ivory Cliffs of Dover.
I could kiss and love my lady till we fell together in a happiness no-one
could separate.
She promised to love me forever and a day.
I told her. She would be my only sweet dream I can hold on to.















Somehow foolishness and bad timing allow us to separate.
I did not forget my promise.
Her kind memory is tattoos on my heart.
For after we separated.
I could not love anyone else.

I wished everyday to return to lake.
Drink sweet red wine.
Wrap my arms around her.
Kiss her sweet lips.
Have her warm body near.
For I cannot forget her beautiful face.

For her.
I have written a thousand words of love.
Never gave any woman what we shared and understood.

I whisper to the wind.
I pray to  the moon and the stars.
My yearning to taste sweet red wine.
Dance by the Boeblingen lake with my love.
Kiss and hold her near.
Whisper thank you  for her kindness and love for a foolish man.

This time.
I would not release her from my life.


© 2011 Coyote Poetry