My Great love


(Pain of love lost must disappear into the wind.)

My great love


Do we support to love but once?

Where have my ancient lover’s gone?

Chain of passion and spiritual journeys leave
me with kind faces in dreams.

Everlasting smiles so rare they scar my heart and mind.

Are we love victims and the heart must die?

If the bleeding is unable to stop.

I believe we need closure to allow the open wound
to fade to a scar.

I remember trembling and soft hands opening the doors
taking the chill of the cold night away.

Cold Winter and rough weather allow the comfort of
two people to find peace for a time.

I remember the comfort of long nights.
Sweet joy of love dances in early morning.
The smell of skin and twisted hair against me.

My wrath took away the sweet memories and opening
of precious love and emotion.

Now sweet love bade me welcome.
My soul cannot see the beauty that dwells in my
sweet lover’s eyes.

I sit upon the sand near the Atlantic ocean.
The sea winds is blowing from east to west.

I pray to the sea to allow my spirit to be able
to run free and be clean again.

The night revealed.
Beautiful auburn hair woman come to me.
Whisper we must live to love.

We must dance with the moon and stars.
Allow the sun to open our heart to a new day and beginning.

We will have many great lovers.
Our life is long and we shall be tested.


© 2010 Coyote Poetry

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