The madness train


The madness train

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Time to know what real pleasure is. Before it is too late.


    The  Madness trainI’m twisted up.
Hogties to bullshit.I’m strangled with useless things.
I can’t recognize my face in the mirror.

Life based on my salary.
Paying bills.
Buying more useless things.

New generation of children.
Always wanting more.

How many toys do you need?

Today I will go to the River.
Sit and try to find my mind again.

Take my child to the park.
Toss a baseball.
Shoot a few baskets.

Must stop this madness.
Put away the video games.
Turn off the televisions.

Go outside.

Feel the sun on my face.

Get un-twisted.
Get un-hogties to the B.S.

Get off the madness train.

Live life for the real pleasures.

Friends and family.

26 April 2009

© 2012 Coyote Poetry