Merry Christmas and have a Happy New years

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New years.








Christmas is spending time with the family. Remembering the people who taught us kindness.

My Grandfather Reyes would see a homeless person. He would share his food  he just bought with a smile. He told us. Always better to give. Never know when you will be in need.

Was a woman in Akron, Ohio came once a week to my mother house with a bag of groceries. We were poor and she was kind. After my training in the Army. I found the kind woman and thanks her. She was surprised I remembered. She taught me real kindness is given without desiring reward.

Soldiers was losing home and family was struggling. We had a NCO fund. I went to his house. Gather and paid his bills. Took the family shopping for food and the basics. Soldiers taking care of soldiers.

I hope everyone a Merry Christmas and I’m praying for peace and a better world.