I can show you God



I can show you God

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just thoughts and things to ponder on


                                  I can show you God
The great search for God is fruitless for some.
I knew a woman from  Santa Cruz.  We sat together often drinking hot and tasty
coffee on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Her heart was cold and dead.She  told me God is dead and forgotten.
We are just people struggling with no place to go or reasons to be alive.

I smiled and pointed to the sea.
I told her God is alive.
Look at the dancing sea.
The sun above us. Gifts for us from God.

God isn’t our master or guide.
Life is for us to decide.
She looked frustrated and asked.
Don’t God support to protect and save us?
Look at this world. War, murder, violence and dead-ends.”

I requested her to travel with me.
I told her. “I will show you God and you can talk to him
one on one.”

She told me. ” My Dark Poet friend who write of war and death.
Describe love and passion with detail and sadness. What have God
done for you?”

I took her hands and whispered. He had saved me many times.  He led
me to safety from dangerous places and situations. He awoke me to
skip death and maybe I can give someone hope.”

We drove in-land to the California fault line. Took three hours to
reach the fault lines. This was the dream land for the free climbers
of unknown and unmarked areas. There was only a warning sign.
“Caution free flowing rocks”

She open my journal and she read a poem aloud.

“The places of peace

Ancient places and secrets hidden.
We allowed ghostly views of life and death.
I search for beauty hidden from the normal eyes.
Rare places to find peace.
I find cliffs to sit with Eagles.
I talk with the Gods of the wind and water.
I touch the soil and feel the energy and life.

The ancient Gods are fair.
They do not disturb or change our journey.
They just whisper. Life is fair.
Take what you need. Don’t abuse the land.
Love and respect your neighbors.

I sit with God on a cliffs.
I see the sky and the sun.
I have no prisons holding me in.
I thanks the Gods for opportunity and chance.”

She walked in silence.
We walked for one hour. I took her to my hidden waterfall.
She could not believe the strength of the water and the beauty
of the location. Wildflowers grew everywhere and  I saw her smile.

I told her. “This is one of many gifts from God.
God is generous to the people who cherish beauty and life.
She stripped down and she went to the water ,
allowed the water to clean her heart and soul.
She asked me to join her. I told her. “This is your time. ”

The sun is falling into the west. I told her we must leave. I have one more
place to show you. She take my hand and we walked to the hidden cliff.
There are seats of stone for us to sit. I told her to sit down. I have  friends to show you.

I open up my power bag. I take out some tied-up sage.
I light the sage. I walk in circles and thank the spirits for the good day.
I request forgiveness for coming to their ancient place of prayers.
I pray for my friend to find peace.

I go to my friend. I bring her up. I take her to the edge of the cliff.
She is amazed. Two hawks are flying near. She can see forever. Tears
appear in her eyes. She asked. “Are we trick into believing in the wrong things?
Do we blind ourselves from the real beauty. Do we waste time and life on
useless things?”

I brought her close and told her. Nature is a fine example. The hawk need little. Takes
what they need. Don’t kill for useless reason and love the free sky and open land.
Would be nice if man would be kinder? I told you I would show you God.
God is in you. In the deeds you do and life you live. Look at this place
It was create by a artist. God gave us free-will and chance.”

We stand together in silence watching the Hawks survey the land.
My friend turn to me and smiled. Told me. “Johnnie you are right. God is here.
I want to sit alone and think.”

I left her with the ancient spirits. I left her for one hour. Darkness was coming.
We had a silence walk to the truck.

She turned to me. Kissed my face cheeks and told me.
“You are right kind Poet. God is for us to find. Thank you for sharing time
with me my friend.”


© 2014 Coyote Poetry