The tarot cards. (The future is better to be unknown. Life had no guarantees.)


In the California Mountains.

In the California Mountains.

The tarot cards

A Story by Coyote Poetry


We can learn things in the strangest places on this planet.


   The tarot cards

I went to an old dark carnival on a hidden road outside of Sarajevo.
I have been having a dream about a Gypsy woman. The dreams had brought me to the carnival tonight.

I didn’t believe in heaven or hell. Old Army had contorted my mind and I lapse into a barbarian state. I was isolated and alone with being surrounded by a company of Soldiers.

I aspire a passage to peace and calm in the mist of hate and war. It was an Indian Summer. A warm evening I wandered into the dark carnival. Beautiful young women with dark eyes and flowing black hair seduced me with their smiles. The shapely young woman did not tempt me yet.

I was trying to find a remnant of my soul. The creed of the Army was eating away at my spirit. Kill or be killed.

I hear musical wind chimes calling me to follow the sound. I ended up at a beautiful decorated tent. Welcome was written in many languages. A beautiful Gypsy woman appears at the entrance of the tent. She bowed to me. Showing me a full and beautiful cleavage. She waved me into the tent.

She tells me welcome in perfect English. She tells me to sit down and rest. She ask would I desire some tea? She smiles and whispered. “We have a lot of time my stranger friend. Few have the desire to visit us tonight.”

I agree to the tea. She brings the tea to me. Tells me. “This is a spiritual tea for friends only. It is pleasing to the mind and the soul. My homemade blend. Allow us to talk without fear. Allow me to probe your mind without the walls of a masquerade.”

I told her I wanted one answer only. She slowly turns and moved her legs slowly. Allowing me to see her tan and strong legs. With a gentle smile she stands up  and goes behind me. Leaning her body into mine. I felt the heat of her warm body. She whispered into my ear. ” You came here for many reasons. Death is near you today. You are dark with hate. My price to save your life will be cheap.”

She sat down and spread the cards on the marble table. She tells me. “These card are very old. Rarely do they lie. The cards are the passages to things to be. Nothing is written in stone. We are creatures led by greed and the thrill of testing life. Destiny and the unknown can turn paradise into hell. Hell into paradise.”

The first card was the Joker. She smiles and tells me. “The Joker looks at life without fear. He can laugh and smile in the heat of the battle.”

The second card was the Traveler. She tells me. ” The traveler loved the road more than love and family. Nothing will hold him down.”

The third card was the Goddess of birth. She tells me. “Life will come out of you. Great things will come to you if you allow the heart to be re-born.”

The fourth card was the Jackal. Her face showed sadness. She whispers “The Jackal  can mean many things. A man must control his anger and not allow hate to base his life on.”

The fifth card showed the God of light. The Gypsy woman smiles and tells me. “Few have the gift of greatness. Some of us are born to live and die. Do nothing but suck the energy out of this beautiful planet. Your dreams are hidden today. I can feel the hope and desire to escape this place you are in today.”

She takes my hand and whisper. “Your aura is black You need to meditate and forgive the sins of the past. A person filled with hate and pain is just waiting for death. He is forgotten and lost.”

She brings my hand to her breast. She tells me. “My heart beats. Your heart is beating. Don’t allow the bigots and liars to kill your dreams and goals. Many parasites will desire to take you down to their level. We are brethren and sister. I feel the gypsy soul in you. Few of us can see the world with open eyes. I see the Gypsy in your eyes and heart. Please stay free.”

I take her hand.  I kiss it gently. I thank her for her time and lay a $100 on the marble table.

She stands up. Puts her arms around me. Kisses my lips and then my cheeks. Whispered into my ear. “Be like the wind. Don’t allow the world to control you. You must control the world around you.”

I leave the carnival. I reach into my pocket. The Gypsy woman slips a necklace with a white crystal.  I put the the necklace on.  I feel better already.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry

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