Why She left


Why She Left

A Poem by Madison Farrell

(A young writer wrote this poem. It is very good. I like when the young people see the world with realistic eyes. Please check this talented young writer.)

He had mother nature wrapped around his hand
as though she were a blade of grass twisted
in destinies honeyed grip.
And she, unlike he, foresaw so she fought
like a storm writhing within his clasp.

In the face of disregard,
Nature shed its softness, and its sweetness –
the dew drops planted on mother earths’ lips
fell to reveal the frozen heart within.


But it was not enough.
For man had taken fire and made it his own,
for man had taken the earth and called it suicide when
the smoke had finally choked her,
one ghostly grip around her pale neck.

Ten billion eyes mourned her pale bones,
their ghostly hands still clenched in a fist,
and their questioning almond eyes
had the boldness to wonder why

she had left.

© 2014 Madison Farrell

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