San Francisco


San Francisco

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A wild and fun city. The people were kind and the city was safe for people seeking good drink and a good time. I found this poem hidden in a old journal.


                                      San Francisco

Good days and people are needed in a life.
Need drink, good company and memories.
If you never asked someone to dance. How do you know the possibility and opportunities
you could of had and missed?

My beautiful friend Gail wanted to go to San Francisco in the Fall of 1993.
Had a brewery with 500 beers to taste and drink.
She was tall, had long legs and was wild in heart and soul. Everything I liked in a woman.
She was what I needed and I went along for the ride.

We depended on the comfort of stranger. Roaming the streets without fear.
The city was alive and well. 9pm and the streets loaded with all sort of people.
No-one was dangerous. There were dancers, singers and artist trying to make some cash.
The clubs were alive and the city had great energy.
We found the brewery of 500 beers.

Me and Gail roamed with the people seeking the fast high, short death.
Living in their circle of confusion and it was alright.
Bright lights, long nights and celebrating life.

Stranger offered free trips in the club. Kind woman offered love for a price.
The city was had no end for someone to fall.
Me and Gail drank the beer only. Soldiers got drug tested monthly.

It was still alright. San Francisco didn’t sleep.
College town across the bridge.
People lived in the city still believe in freedom.

We drank too much.
We fell asleep in each other arms in the back of my truck in the banking district.
Better to sleep than drive when the mind is gone.

In the morning. A polite police officer woke us up.
Told me to leave the area and get some coffee.
The cops laughs at us and wandered away.

Me and my sweet Gail sat at the pier.
Drinking coffee and enjoying the view of  great city and Pacific ocean .
This city rarely rested. The morning people said hello and were
on their way to work.

Gail told me. “Thank you Johnnie. Thank you for a night in the city of
San Francisco.


© 2014 Coyote Poetry