Thank you Martin Luther King Jr.

Remembering Martin Luther King.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Someone said to remember M.L.K. We should do acts of kindness. I believe he would appreciate his memory of anti-violence and love to be strengthen by kind deeds and love.



Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

I was just a baby when Martin Luther King Jr. led the world to equality with his sermons of love and anti-violence.
Even as a young boy he motivated my dreams of all men and woman being treated with equality and fairness.
I wonder how different the world would be? If Martin Luther King Jr. lived. I believe the world would of been a better place.

A old man walked into the mall.
He was wearing old clothing and not talking to anyone.
Me and my daughter were sitting at a coffee shop.
The old man sat across from us.
The manager of the coffee shop looked with distaste at the man.
He asked the man did he want anything?
The old man said no.
The manager asked him to leave.

I sent my my daughter to him.
She asked did he want a coffee and food?
He told her no.
She came back to me.

I asked the waitress to sent him the special and a coffee.
He received the food with a  surprise.
He ate the food with a great hunger.
Me and my daughter started to walk away.
He got up and told me “Thank you.”
I shook his hand. Told him.
“We all need a helping hand sometime.”
His eyes with tears. He told me.
“God will remember you. God remember the good people who give without
the desire of reward.”

The world needs more Angels with the gifts of kindness.
Could Jesus be the man who is dirty and homeless and we do not want to see him?

I drive by 1-94. A well dressed man is with a sign.
“Need food.”
It is a cold day.
I gave him some fruit and vegetables.
A few dollars.
He gave me a big smile. Told me.
“You are  blessed for helping the poor man. No greater kindness.”

Could there be Angels  testing our spirit.
Seeing if we have become blind and heartless?

Old homeless man was sleeping in my lobby at my work.
It is very cold outside this night.
He looked safe and peaceful.
Customers complain about him.
I asked him to go the bottle room.
It was warm. He had to leave by 7am.

He smiled at me. Told me.
“A Vietnam Vet appreciate your kindness.”
I shook his hand.
I told him.
“Us Vet must help each other.”

A co-worker gave him food.
A part of her lunch.
He thanks her.
Told her she is a sweet and kind Angel.

In the morning.
The man is gone.
My co-worker asked “Would he be Ok?”
She wished she could of done more.
I told her.
“You did good. You treated him with kindness and respect.
World needs more kind acts.”

In Detroit, Mi. today. Twenty two thousand homeless.
Woman and children must have shelter and a warm places to rest.
Many good people volunteer and help for free.
Their gift are truly real.
They help people with nothing else to lose.

All of us need to to do what we can.
A simple gifts of food.
A few dollars could make a day better for someone with little.

On a statue in Monterey, Ca.
Words written a hundred years ago.
“A bless life is a man who reaches down to the poor and suffering offering
kindness and love.”

I pray for better days.
Donate to a shelter.
Volunteer your time.
Smile at a stranger and wish them a good day.

Martin Luther King day is coming.
I like the idea of doing good deeds in his name.
I believe he would of appreciated brothers and sisters helping each other.

I hope we remember him on the free day from work.
He stood for love, no violence and made his dream of equality spread to the USA and the world.

Thank you Martin Luther King Jr. I wish I got to know you more.

Jan 2011