The value of memories





The value of memories

I was asked by a desperate man. “Why do I live? If I wasn’t born. Would it matter?”


I told him the story I learn from a great motivator/speaker and writer  of life. “Og Mandigo”


There was a rich man who had everything he wanted. He missed one thing only. Happiness and laughter. He went to Og and asked him. Give me one reason to live and have purpose. I will give you a million dollars if you show me. Oz took the rich man to the graveyard. The rich man asked. “Why did you bring me here?” Og smiled and told the men. These people are dead. They don’t have opportunity to do anything good or bad. If you are alive and breathing. You can do great things. The rich man looked at Oz and told him. “I understand’ and walked away  out in silence.


Og Mandigo showed this man. We decide our journey till death end the opportunity to know some sort of peace or happiness.

I believe we are what we leave. Our children are the real gold of a life. A wise leader once said. Children are the wealth of a nation. Teach them well.


Coyote/John Castellenas