Martin Luther King Jr. dreams and hope must be kept alive

California fault line.

California fault line.

Dreams don’t die. Can be heard by wise people in the gentle wind and never forgotten.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Can’t allow war to blind us from peace. Guns and hate will close all open doors. Need wise people to lead this world into a good place.


Dreams and the great Dreamers

I have heard Martin Luther Kings words of love, brotherhood and peace.
His words were like thunder to the sky.
His true word burn down years of hate and made men walk together.
He was one of many men and woman who gave all for peace and love.

Can kill the man. You can’t kill the dream.

I met Rachel Corrie too late. A Poet from the Middle East wrote of a USA citizen. “The beautiful American.” She died for her dream. (please listen to her speech at 10 years old.) “When you die to protect and save lives of strangers. You have given your life for another. These are the real Angels upon this earth and in heaven.

War is alive and well in the world. Touching all places in some shape or form.
The 500 billion dollars given to war contractors(USA) are making the rich man richer.
The poor man pay with  the blood of the youth and the innocent.
War was for defense?
Now 100 thousand men are police men in dangerous places.
I hope there are reasons for them to died?
The War is over. Terrorism have been around for 5000 years.
Make the borders stronger and add better security at exit and entree of all countries.

We must learn the strength of a great people. Look at history.
The demonstrations of the late sixties and early seventies made a nation at war change direction.  The children of today have many problems to fix.

No time to back away.
No time to discern themselves from the real world.
Time to say farewell to war without purpose.
It is time for understanding and peace.

No child should go to bed hungry.
No mother should fear the night for she is homeless.
Time to allow religion to be a personal belief.
HIV and hunger will kill 60,000 people tonight.
Do you care?

“Lord of life and death.
Need your help upon this Earth.
Many need direction and wisdom.
Hate is growing.
Love and kindness is forgotten.

I pray for the people.
I pray all children are fed and safe.
I pray all people have a bed and safe place to rest.
I pray Soldiers are assisting the weak and healing the sick.

Please spirit of life and death.
Allow the world to heal and stop the madness.”

Blood bring more blood.
Hate bring more hate.
Must stop the road to destruction.

Kindness bring forgiveness.
A offer of friendship can open doors to peace.
Healing take time.

Guns are not the tools of peace.
Sending 150,000 Soldiers is not a sign of friendship.
Create ghosts to make attacking another country logical.
Should be a crime!

Dream of peace must come to life.
Time for the war machine to stop.

In the end.
We are all brothers and sisters.
Race, color and belief won’t mean much when there is nothing is left.

Please stop on Monday and remember Martin Luther King Jr.  Please pray for unity and peace. Let’s give
this great man a reason to smile in heaven. A billion people remembering his dream and hopes.Coyote

© 2011 Coyote Poetry