The lines in the sand.


The lines in the sand.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Come a time where we must decide what we truly need.


                    The lines in the sand

Two people had reached the end.
The lines between the truth and a lie had faded to a dead end.
Old meaningful  words became worthless when there is no place to go
for two people but a goodbye.

Sweet words of love now create distaste.
Nights of love laid dead and buried in shallow graves.
Forgotten now are what blended two lives together.
The nights of love and song are just tales of myth dead and gone.

We have become strangers.
We have shared our bed and passion, forgetting to be kind and graceful.
We looked at each other like worn-out shoes. Beaten down and cannot be repaired.
We lost the need to be gentle and kind, like we were never friends or real lovers.

I sit alone with you across from me.
The lines in the sands have been written and I watched you walk away.
I remember when you ran to me and you held me tightly through the cold nights.
I remember your laughter and you dancing nude by the candles lights  to the songs of Leonard Cohen.
I remember our promises.

Now I watch you escape like a wild animal who found a new places to be free and I know.
Love can’t be a prison and a paradise. Love is part of the motion of living.
Can make us feel like kings and paupers in the same second.

Written in 1993/rewritten in 2014

© 2014 Coyote Poetry