Show me the way to love


Show me the way to love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Opening of love should be slow and easy. Good things take times and patience.


  Show me the way to love

Kind woman laid with me into midnight sweet, midnight wild.
Where lovers find peace and calm.
Locked doors keeping secrets hidden and safe.

Sweet woman whispered. “Show me the way to love.
Allow me to become drunk in your kiss and embrace.
Let’s your hands tenderly touch my skin opening places and
need. Make me beg for more when we have nothing left to give.”

Gentle and soft eyes make me feel weaken.
Weaken to where the fire of love come alive and make me
want to dance into lady midnight without the safety net of escape.

Sweet woman whispered. “Today we have hello, we have a long night of hot
and warm embrace. We will follow the  path from tender feet to sweet lips. Discovering every
secret hidden in our heart and mind.”

I brought my beautiful lover near and whispered. “Thank you sweet lover. You are my
joy and purpose. I will miss your kiss, your warm embrace as soon as you leave my vision.
Your pleasure and happiness is my only sweet dream I hold dear.”

Written in 1987/ rewritten in 2014

© 2014 Coyote Poetry