Please stay with me



Stay with me

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Rare times in a life we can find comfort with another. We need to hold on till the dream disappears.


Stay with me

 I sipped my coffee.
I watched the movement of the branches outside my bedroom.

It was a stormy night.
Your beautiful nude body lays on the top of the blankets.

 I watched your movement.
Nightmares seem to steal all your sweet dreams.

Your body trembled and shook.
I went to you.
I caressed your  beautiful face.

You wrapped your body around me.
I caressed your back and legs.
Rolled my hand through your long blond hair.

 I found you by the lake.
It was a beautiful Germany  Summer day .

You walked by me and I could not forget your face.
Your sweet and gentle smile.

 I found you again on a hot August day.
We became friends and  then lovers.

I remembered your long legs.
The  see through  white dress that showed me a perfect body.

Your blues eyes still can steal my soul.

When you give me sweet kisses.
Whispered to me.
” Please  never  leave me”.

I know I found paradise by the lights of  soft burning candles.

You awoke with tears and trembling.
I told you it will be alright.

 I wipe the tears away.
Kissed you and told you good morning my love.

You asked me. “When will I leave me?

 I know you are weak sometimes.

 Need love always around you.”

I whispered my life is twisted.
My time is limited for you.

But when I’m away from you.
I think of your smile.
Your laughter and your body wrapped around me.

  So when you lonely.
Close your eyes and dream we will always be together.

  I brought her  body to me.
The heat of your body warm up my heart and soul.

  I whispered ” I love you.

Please stay with me a little longer.”