Love letter never send


Love letter never send

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I have many letters never send. Sometime words can lose value. Best to stay safe and sound is poor advice. Today I know. Better to take chances and hope for a good ending.


        Love letters  never send.

Dear Julie

I have felt sadness and disappointment since  I left you at Cedar Point after a week together in August. I remember fragrant of our conversations and the road trip to the West Virginia mountains. We made promises when I was in the service and you gave me great hope and reasons to keep going. I try to forsake your memory. Allow you to finish your time in college and hoped for a reunion one day. I didn’t want to be a added burden.

I revisit in my mind and heart how beautiful and joyful you were. I remember going to the Penny Candy  Ice Cream store and having long talks about dreams and hope. I was going to be the great writer and you were going to be a nurse trying to save the world. I remember your soft brown eyes and long tan legs. You were wise to save lust and greed for true love. I became dirty in living. My three years in Germany  taught me the wrong things. When you live for booze and fresh. Your true self dissolved and you cannot return.

I do like the old places. I return to the old dances where I delighted in the feel of soft kisses and long embraces without the need of physical need only. You taught me. Some gifts are worth waiting for. You were wise and I’m thankful to have known you.

Time and distance had separate our lives. I don’t believe in fairy tales and happy ending. I have learn to accept less. I’m sorry you saw my anger. I found out too late. Abuse was part of your life. The anger wasn’t toward you. I saw in your eyes. You didn’t want your mother’s life. If I could replay action and situation. I would have known peace and calm for you were with me and life was the best when your hands were in my hands.

I hope one day to thank you. You are living in Chicago and I’m living in Ann Arbor  trying to improve myself by returning to college and working. I write poetry and story for you. A story about a brown hair beauty who took my breathe away. Love and life isn’t fair. Essence of beautiful faces and laughter become the blessed days of a life. I hope to mail this letter to you. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your life. I still love you and think of your often. I know the stages of life are not fair. You were going to save the world and I was a fugitive who forsakes his dreams for the wrong things.

Please don’t forget me. My phone number is the same. If you need a friend. Please call and keep our friendship alive. We started as friends and I hope you don’t forget the boy who like to smile and listen to your songs and hope.

All my love
Written in 1982/ Rewritten in 2014