The white flag

Never again. Sweet words that lasted but a few moment in time.

Never again. Sweet words that lasted but a few moment in time.


The white flag

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


How many people will die before war is stopped. Each days brother killing brother. Rich countries deciding who is right or wrong?


                                     The white flag

How many roads must a man walk down to understand.
Blood create more blood. Death demand more death.
Soldiers will fight and kill till there is no-one left.
Only memories left will be of a greedy people who killed and killed without concern

I sat near a river. I asked the Gods of the morning. Why do I live?
I remember my sweet wife and kids who need me. Once I held a 30-30.
Waiting for death. I decided more reasons to live than die.

I sat by graves of 20,000 men who die for freedom. The last great war.
WW2 was to open door to the utopia of peace. I wonder did we honor these brave men
by leading the world to murder and chaos.

If you sell or give weapons to be used for murder. You are part of the murder.
If you screams separation and hate. You are the murderer of peace and calm.
USA spend more than a trillion dollars on war. There is no active war.
Twenty five cent of every dollar is for war from the taxes we paid.

I tell the people from the sixties. Rise up, rise up.
Your words are needed today. How many more will die for the cause of peace?

I don’t believe war and peace can be spoken in the same sentence.
Who will weep for the homeless? Who will weep for the children in the old cities
that were destroyed by war? Who is weeping for the mother holding child with
no place to go? Who will feed the misplaced and the homeless?

I want to raise a white flag. I do not want my children, my grandchildren to follow
their father to war like I did.

Rise up the new generation. Better to fight and stand for peace than die somewhere
for people who do not want our help.

I saw and touched death often in Bosnia, Africa and the Middle East. I did learn. No winner
in war. Just useless murder of the poor people in the way of the war machine.

It is time for logic. USA need to fix the boarders. Keep the bad folks out. Bring all the Soldiers
home and fix our country. USA is in trouble. Old wise saying. “Fix your house before trying to
fix someone else.”

This is one planet and one people. If we don’t try to get along. What will we leave for the future generations?
I hope we don’t leave only a people who accepted hate and violence as a norm.

Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry