What men do. Part two






My time in the Middle East.

My time in the Middle East.

(When two nations try to discuss peace with false want. No-one can win.)


What men do?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


The leaders of this government must be held responsible.


What men do?

”  Mothers should negotiate between nations.
The mothers of fighting countries would agree.
Stop the killing.
Stop it now.

Yoshikuni Taki ”

Misguided and no conscious leaders.

Retaliate and on rampage of the ritual of war.

Manifest demons and hidden ghosts.

We the people.
Mirage and intoxicate by liar tales.

Investment in steel and gas.

More precious then the innocent in the way of the gun.
Deceitful men.

Smile when talk of torture like common part of war.

Men do shameful things.

No excuse for torture in war or peace.

The horrid of war should leave us weak.

Sacrifice of people and cities is acceptable?

Are we shackles and blinded?

We have Iranians, Iraq and Koreans people living in the USA.

Just men and woman trying to exist in the craziness.

Now internal problem in the Middle East.

Brother killing brother. Great cities are being destroyed.
Russian on borders ready to start a world war.
Chemical weapons used on woman and children.
One in four are hungry in our world.

Being killed for their view/religion and wanting change.

No sanity anywhere.

We live in a world.

Where human shields are necessary in Palestine.

Africa need aid of food and medicine.

Interference and humanitarian are necessary.

Need to quit selling guns to rabid leaders.

Time to cry out.
Enought of the useless bloodshed.
Gather the leaders of this world.
Create a plan and do it.

Soldiers are killing for leaders.
Who are
Impotent and hostile toward peace.
Inflamed with hate.
Blinded with self goals.

What can we do?

Doing nothing is not the answer.
Being intrenched and malinger in a cave.

We may wake up one morning.
Your child will ask you.

What happen?

Call your Congressman and Senator.
E-mail the president.
Create friendship with other people in other countries.

What men do?

For deceitful and cold-hearted men.
Must stop.

Just and human leaders are needed.

Humble and sensible men are needed.

Pray for peace.

Pray for freedom.

Pray our children can have a fair chance.

Pray the Wars and hate can fade away to children
scary stories.

June 23, 2010/Rewritten 2014

© 2010 Coyote Poetry