3 Songs to Make You Embrace Being Irish

Amazing music. I hope you enjoy.

Oracle of Film

I don’t know if I ever made this a common fact on my blog, but I am, in fact, a quarter Irish. I try to celebrate this fact by drinking myself to an early grave, at least twice a day. However, other than my superhuman intake of vile liquids, I am a fairly rubbish Irishman. I have never been to Ireland (trying to convince my friend to organize our other friend’s Stag Do for Dublin, however), I hardly keep in touch with the Irish side of my family and I am often so busy expressing the Cornish side of my heritage, my Irish roots get left forgotten, unless I need to use the accent when I see a hot girl at the bar.

This is where music comes in. Music is already a fantastic way to express emotions, so I believe that it should express heritage too. However, seeing as…

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