Three short poems.


Three short poems about love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Trying to be less epic for one day.


                      Three short poems about loveOpen doors

Open the shades wide.
Lite the incense candles of lavender and sweet wild flowers.
Don’t be  afraid of the dark and lonely nights.
We are just flesh and bones.
Needing to dance into the light.
Hiding no secrets and discover forgotten laughter and smiles.
We need to open the locked doors. Whisper sweet and secrets words to be
hidden by the blackness of the night.
We will honor the moon with the gift of visions of two people.
Finding peace and calm in the safety of the midnight hours.

Dead Poets

Dead Poet’s don’t complain.
Ancient writers rejoice when someone whispered their words.
Bringing to life great tales of love, war and life.

Bare feet

Jenny walked barefooted upon the sand toward me.
She was pretty as an Angel in her white Summer dress.
She sat next to me. Her legs laid across my legs.
I caressed her soft and tender feet and  I told her.
You are the sun, the moon. You are my hope and joy.
Please don’t leave my life.
She smiled and whispers.
“You can’t control love.”
Just need to make the days and the nights of love to last forever.
These are the miracles for the lucky and the foolish.

Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry