You are fire and I’m wood


You are fire and I’m wood.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


“You are fire and I’m wood.” Thank you the great Poet Virgil for these words.


                       You are fire and I’m wood

“Love conquer all things; yield we to love”

The lovers who admire the  beauty of the evening stars.
Stands on the threshold of love fearless and brave.
Their love stories will be the epic stories told for the ages.

Fierce love, uncontrolled love. Not caring about the final destination or ending.
Two people seeking shelter and solstice in the allure of the sweet kiss and long embrace.
Their boundless and consuming love will take them to paradise and inflamed heart and soul.

She whispered to her lover. “You are fire and I’m wood.”
Your sweet kiss make me burn with want and need.
I will be your lady true till you decide to free me.

He told her. Love can be a prison or bold journey into chance.
Love can be endearing and like a rising sea.
Can be strong and weak with the tide. Real love is held forever.

The Poet wrote for his enchanting muse.
We loved and we shall die.
We danced and we  sang sweet words of love.
We laughed and we cried.
In the end. We need to know we had loved.
Held tightly to sweet words of love when she was near.

Coyote/John Castellenas