Sacred places and sweet dreams


Sacred places and sweet dreams

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Memories are like good red wine. Become more valuable with time and separation.


    Sacred places and sweet dreams
She traced my skin with soft hands and tender touch.
She had locked the doors and lite the incense candles of the free wildflowers.
She created a radiance of paradise where frail love can become wild and free.Her surging want increased as she added sweet kiss and embrace.
She rubbed oil of lavender, slowly moving her hands and body over my resting body.
I had promised not to move till she was complete in her task.
Her warm skin against my skin awoke my tamed and controlled heart.
She move her breast across my body allowing her long blond hair to cover my face and chest.
Her fragrance of fresh flowers in her hair made me want to pull her near.
She whispered to me. “Your time shall come my love. We have time to savor the kiss, the gentle touch
and find the secret places reserved for lovers unafraid of the kind night.”The night hours are upon two bodies running free and wild in the want and need of love.
Lover’s love, dreamer dream.  They try to find peace in the slumber of two restless hearts learning to become one.
Coyote/John Castellenas