Chapter six. Salt Lake city







Chapter six. Salt Lake city

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A nice city to learn what you truly need.


                            Salt Lake city

I told Lana. We will go to the Epic Brewing company first. The Westerner country club opened at 9pm. We had time to test some beer. Lana was looking very good tonight. She made the jean and boots come to life in the good ways. Her light pink shirt allowed her white skin to have color and life.

We arrived at the Epic Brewing company and received a polite hello and the doorman pointed toward the bar area. We sat in a quiet spot. Her eyes held disappointment and she was very quiet. She was dying to ask me why I didn’t welcome her to stay in Monterey. I told her.”I have a story for you. A long time ago. A beauty name Jenny came to me with great sadness. She was as young and beautiful as you. I was 10 years older. She wanted new dance and to become a clothing designer. I was a working horse who couldn’t keep up with her life. We lasted three months. The three months were amazing. I allowed her to advance in her life and I was left behind. Lana, you have education, opportunity to travel, enjoy life and if you need me. I will be 500 miles away. My old truck is good and I would love to spend time with you.”

Lana drank down the Brewing Company lager and asked me. “You think you are wise and old. You are like my father. You know everything? You don’t. I believe in destiny. I have spend 4 years in college. I have raised hell and had fun. I know life isn’t fair. I fell at your feet and you saved me. You decided to become part of my life. You took the hit for me and had treated me with respect. You and I are not babies. I’m almost 24 years old and I need the comfort of a good man. Someone who looked at me like you do. Like I’m special. I need someone to make me feel special.”

I ordered two double of Jack and a cold lager. I took Lana’s hands and told her. “We can try. I have known you for six days and I wouldn’t mind knowing you for forever. I believe we need slow and easy. You need you degree and I need to find my mind again. You can’t rush love. I’m loco in the head. War didn’t mess me up. Life has. If you want. We can find you a place in Monterey. I heard Monterey is paradise. We can drink coffee and I will become the new Hemingway of highway one. You can get your degree and become the beautiful teacher.”

Lana smiled and told me. “You are right Johnnie.  I want to go with you to Monterey. We will go slow and easy. I know you want me. You look at me like a painting. I like being treated with tender loving care. In college. We used and abused our body. No concern for tomorrow. I know you are a Soldier. Done everything and some. This doesn’t bother me. I see in your eyes. You are more afraid of me than I’m of you. You have nothing to give but I felt your arms holding me in the night like I’m your last hope.”

I told her. “Time to go dancing before we end up in Vegas marriage and pissed-offed. I heard the Westerner had dance lessons and cheap whiskey. It is time for us to quit planning the next 20 years and have some fun. Maybe life can be fair. We can learn to know love and a few new dance steps?” Lana reached over and gave me a long kiss and whispered we will buy some scented candles and we will lay bare to the night tonight my cowboy. ”

We arrived at the Westerner country club. The music was loud and good. I heard Tim Mcgraw singing his song “Don’t take the girl”.  I asked Lana to dance and we danced alone on a empty dance floor. She whispered into my ear. “Thank you.”

Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry