Dreams, wishes and reality.

Soldiers having fun.

Soldiers having fun.



Dreams, wishes and reality.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Looking back in time. We realize we had a good life.


                               Dreams, wishes and reality.

Best days in a life are simple and free.
Good conversation and a chess game.

Two friends with time and no place to go.
Need hot strong coffee, a warm day and stories to be told and heard.

Good to be near nature  allowing the  warm sun to bring peace
to the heart and mind.

Old men speak of old dreams.
Of beautiful faces and wild adventures.
Old dreams become wishes.
Age and life took the desire to test life away.

Real life slowly steal dreams away.
Age make you slow down.
New dreams do appear.
You learn with children near.
Your children dreams become your hope.

Their hope and safety your reasons for being alive.
You learn. You are not so important.
The children are the future.

We need to teach the children well.
Show them love and kindness is the proper way.
Teach them to dream of great travel, to swim in the sea and
never be afraid to dance and laugh.
Better to test life and have many friends than to walk alone.

Two old men talk of the past.
Playing a game of chess.
Remembering when youth was their advantage and foolishness
was their goals.  Best day of their lives.


© 2013 Coyote Poetry