You will always be on my mind. (Real love is never forgotten)

You are always on my mind.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love may be gone. The tattoos of love will always be with us



You will always be on my mind

The splendor of true love,
Where you allow the wall of fear to fall completely down.
Allowing emotion and desire to take two people away to finding the real
pleasures learn by the burning candles and sweet red wine.

We touched our wine glasses.
Held our kisses deep and long.
The locked door leaving us protected and safe.
In a dreamer’s paradise.

The coldness of Winter brought her to me.
She wanted someone to read poetry to her and keep her warm.
I wanted someone to give me hope and strength.

I remembered she came to me late in the evening.
Holding wine coolers and desired conversation.
Dressed like a woman and
the innocence of a child wanting me to open my door for her.

I saw a devil dressed in a sexy black dress with a hunger that
I could not control.
I watch her take off her coat. Allowing my eyes to see her beautiful
young body. The short skirt allowed me the pleasure of seeing her long legs.
I told her. “Sometime better not to start something we cannot stop. ”

She came to me. She went to her knees. Laid her long red hair across my lap.
Raised her face to me. I looked into clear blue eyes and lost control.
She was just a baby. Nineteen and fearless. I was still young and strong.

I knew if you start a fire you can’t put out.
The final act will be sadness.

She took my hands and kissed them.
She whispered. “You have been so kind to me. Had great patience being my
teacher at work. I know you desire me. I see how you look at me. I want someone to
show me the world. Teach me pleasure and pain. Show me what love is supposed
to be. I want a man’s hands on my body. Not a boy’s.”

I asked for a wine cooler.  Told her. “I don’t know”.

She gave me sweet kisses and took my hands. She wrapped her arms around me.
Asked. “Should I go?”

I said “no”.

The cold of Winter was blowing a gentle northern breeze.
I looked out at my skylight.
I prayed not to make a fool’s wish tonight.

Two lovers begin a new journey.
When passion and desire come. Very hard to stop.
The beauty of the first kiss. The first caress. The first taste of a lover’s skin.
Stays with you forever.

I knew already. “Fine line between sex and love. Sex creates peace for the body.
Love creates peace for the soul. When you dance with the young in heart, pleasure is the desire, and love is not so important.”

I still remember the love making. Wasn’t for pleasure. Was to fix a desire that grew with each touch. Her hunger grew till one day, early in the Spring, she left me. I knew the day would come. Some woman are to be held forever. Some are to be held for a moment.

I allowed her to leave. I knew it was better to be kind in the goodbye.  My heart was gone and I found little solitude in my life. I joined a war to escape her memory.

Funny, life is a circle. We met two more times. We had a strange bond.
Even today, years later. I wish to touch our glasses  filled with sweet red wine. Touch her perfect body till the morning light. Some dreams become nightmares. Then the nightmares become sweet dreams.

I told her often over the year. “You are always on my mind.”

July 2011


© 2014 Coyote Poetry