Highway 80 west stories. Part ten. “New hope and dreams.”

Highway 80 west stories. Part ten. New hope and dreams.

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Can leave one prison to fall into a worst one. Be free while you can.


                        Highway 80 west stories. Part ten.  “New hope and dreams.”

It was a pleasure Winter day in Salt Lake city. 40 degrees and the roads were cleared of snow. Lana requested coffee and pie for breakfast. I agreed and told her. “It will be coffee and pie this morning. I could use some good homemade pie today. I need some tasty food this morning” We found a sit-down bakery and we ordered some coffee and  fresh maded apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top.

Lana had a odd look in her eyes this morning. I knew when a woman had questions that she wanted answered. She asked me. “Do you think I’m beautiful or sexy? Am I not sexy enough for you?  I see your want and need me in your eyes when you look at me and you act like a saint.”

I give her my best Michigan smile and I told her. “Old dear Grandma had a good saying. Haste make mistakes. I have know you for a short time. You are not some girl from the bar looking for a good times and escaping before the sun is rising. I promised your sister for you to be safe and sound. Not used and abused in every motel on highway 80 going to Reno.”  She gave me a sweet wicked smile and said.”Used and abused. Sometime good to be wild and free Johnnie. You never know when the last day is, hour is or second. What will we have? We saw the largest bookstore and a church. Is that the ending we want?”

I reached over and kissed her and I asked her. “Do you have any great dreams. Like traveling the world, living in the tropics by the sea where the people still know some sort of freedom. Do you want to save the the world or maybe yourself?”   She looked outside at the moving cars and people trying to go to work and she answered. “When I was young. I wanted to go to Europe. Visit my father’s hometown in Scotland. I wanted to see the castles in Germany and roam the Europe and the USA coastlines. I didn’t have the money back then.”

I asked her. “Now you can. How much money did your father leave you?”  Lana looked coldly at me and told me. “Death money is lousy money. My father left me and sis, $500,000 each. I haven’t touched the money yet.”
Tears began to fill her eyes. I told her.”You father was a wise man. He ensured you could finish school and support yourself. Death isn’t fair.  What if I planned a trip for you? I have friends in Scotland, England, Germany and Switzerland. You could travel for awhile and come back later and finish your college.”

More tears begin to flow from Lana beautiful eyes and she questioned. “You promised me time in Monterey. You promised long walks and talks on the beaches. You told me we would drink a lot of coffee, we would suicide board the Winter storms. Are you changing your mind?” I  brought my chair closer and kissed away her tears away and I told her. “I’m not changing my mind. I want to spend time with you in Monterey. We will dance on the beach and suicide the wild Winter storms. We will drink whiskey and hold each other tightly waiting for the morning sun. We will sit where Hemingway drank and wrote. But I want you to live. I want to be part of your life. Not the dead-end. You are young and need to travel, experience life. We will  box in the coastlines together if you like in my time free from the Army. And if you still want the old man. I will be there for you, Honey.”

Lana quit crying and smiled. She told me. “You are right Johnnie. I want my one month in Monterey with you and I will visit Scotland. My Daddy still had family left there for me to visit. You are right. I need to come alive. My father wouldn’t want me to play dead and die.  I want my promised month with you and you must promise not to forget me.” I told her. “I cannot forget you my Lana. You have saved me also. I needed nothing before I met you. Now I need to look into your eyes. You have become my hope and beautiful dream.”

Lana stood up and she sat in my lap and she whispered. “I want you my Johnnie.You made me laugh when I wanted to cry. You made me dance and drink when I wanted to fall down and not get up. I can see the love in your eyes for me. I feel so good in eyes.  Please stay with me Johnnie. Maybe we can find true love?”
I said okay.

Coyote/John Castellenas