Wildflower dreams



Wildflowers dreams.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Old friends face had come to me lately. His baby girl is getting marry. It is sad poem. War take the best from us.


                      Wildflowers dreams

(For Staff Sargent Donald Neal Davis. Killed in Iraq in August of 2004.)

I had been having dreams.
I was sitting with my good friend. His gravestone had flowers from his daughter Megan.
I’m drinking his Miller beer and I told him. His daughter is getting marry.

My friend would like the private graveyard for soldiers.
Small towns take care of their hero’s lost to war.
There are wildflowers in the distance.
He would like this place.
The wildflowers are growing wild and free.
My good friend was a country boy who loved to hunt and his two beautiful girls.

Soldiers must go to war. Some soldiers don’t come home.
I can hear my good friend voice in my dream.
He told me. ” Please tell my wife, she is so beautiful and I love her.
Tell my children they are beautiful and I’m proud of them.
Tell them their father first and last love was my two angels.
Please meet my family and show them I didn’t walk alone. I had friends.

Please tell my children I’m watching them from heaven.
My baby girls Stephanie is getting marry soon. Please tell her.
Her daddy is proud of her.

Tell sweet Megan her children are beautiful.
New life create new hope. Their Grandpa is watching them from heaven.
I’m proud of you. You have become a good mother.

I’m sitting with the wildflowers.
Drinking my friend favorite beer. He would of been the best Grandpa.
He would of told me. You are going to be alright Johnnie.

“Please remember me, my old friend. Tell my children often.
The two girls were the joy of my life.

The dreams make me wish to hear my good friend laughter. Drink beer
with watch WWF with him. He would tell me. “You must live for me. Remind my kids.
Their father loved them with all his heart.”

© 2014 Coyote Poetry