Death will bring him peace

Powerful and beautiful Wisconsin River.

Powerful and beautiful Wisconsin River.

Death will bring him peace

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A old true story.


  Death will bring peace.

A pretty and kind woman sleeps alone.
She turned from love and accepted solitude.
In the darkness of lonely nights.
She wished for more hellos and less goodbyes.

Old men sat in the back of the corner bar.
They sat with friends drinking shots of whiskey.
Old timer Joe toasted to a woman left alone so long ago.

The woman who once held  love as her will to be alive.
Tells her lovers now.
All I have to give is flesh and bones now.
Her eyes empty and sad.
Her hunger now is to feel a man inside her.
Her last emotion.

Liars pay the Devil his due.
The lair of the storytellers and fool’s is always filled with more sinners.

Old Joe told me whiskey won’t take your sadness away.
Those damn memories come back and leave you empty
and wishing for some kind of peace.

He took my hand.
He whispered “I broke a Angel heart.
Left her for dead.
Then my heart died too. ”

Karma is a fair judge.
Fools who wasted love will die alone and be in hell forever.

He smiled and slapped my back.
He told me it is Valentine day.
Go home to your wife.
Buy her flowers and tell her how much you need and love her.
Hell is too damn full already.

He took my whiskey and drank it.
He turns away.

A woman sit on her porch.
She dreamed she is young and beautiful again.
She wishes on the first star.
Please tell Joe I forgive him and I hope he okay.

Old Joe died from too much whiskey.
A few of us show up and to say goodbye.
We knew he died of loneliness and a broken heart.

A solace woman sat with tears.
I sat with her.
I told her what Joe told us.

He would be waiting in Purgatory for the one’s who wasted words and the gift of love.
She kissed my cheek and walked into the street.

I leave the funeral and go to my wife.
I Tell her she is my will to be alive.
My only sweet dream.

14 Feb 1998

© 2010 Coyote Poetry