Highway 80 west stories. Part twelve. Long ride to Reno

I-80 Map

Map of Interstate 80

Highway 80 west stories. Part twelve. Long ride to Reno

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Two people traveling together trying to find reason and purpose.


          Long ride to Reno

I awoke early. The heat was on and the room too hot. Lana had kicked off the blankets. She  held me tightly.  I looked at perfect slender body.   She have woman curved and valleys. She did make me crazy.  But I knew if I had sex with her. I would be just another greedy man using and abusing a young woman body. I had lived with five woman in my life. I know woman change when you create the need of the flesh. Easy to forget, woman are people who need conversation and friendship. I have known her a week.  She would need to make her sister believe Monterey was okay. I wanted her with me and I wanted to escape from her. I didn’t know if I had the emotion or ability to take care of a young energetic woman.  I decided to date this woman and hope for a good landing.

I felt her eyes looking at me. She knew I was thinking of her. I caressed her hair and face and told her good morning. I moved my hands down her back encircling her skin gently. She asked me. “Johnnie, will we make it? I know you are strong and wise in many things. I see the fear in your eyes. I promised to be honest with you and stay with you. I have been dating for eight years. I know good people from bad. You look good to me.”  I brought her closer and whispered. “I want us to be old school. I want us to date. I know we have shared the bed. Love and friendship need time. I want us to grow together slow and easy.  I want us to know dancing, traveling and long talks.  I have learn when the purpose of a relationship is the bedroom. Won’t last.”

Lana give me a sexy smile and said. “I guess that means I ain’t getting lucky this morning.”  She got up and ran to the bathroom door. She stopped and asked. “Could we take a shower together? I promise to be good.” I shook my head in agreement and waited. I heard the water being turned on. I knew I was lucky. Woman have the power if they want to make a man feel complete. I like being with her. She made me feel young and wild again. I walked into the bathroom and allowed my boxers to fall. I joined Lana in the shower. She pressed against me and kissed me. I like the feel of her. She made me want life again. I got the soap and begin to wash her back. She turned her body around. Pressing her breasts against me. She whispered. “In Monterey, I want everything. You will be mind and I will be yours, Johnnie.” I told her yes.

We took the free hotel breakfast with us.  I told her. “We will be in Reno tonight.  A long drive today. We will stop and spend $100 at the first place to gamble in Nevada. $100 limit is the most I will lose. My daddy gambled all his life away. I have  limit.”  Land asked. “What if you win? Would you keep going till the money is gone?”  I reached over and kissed her and told her. “Casinos don’t make money by giving it away. Old wise words. A fool is born every second. Nevada casinos are a good place for a fool to be born.”She smiled and agreed.

She told me. “My daddy had ribbons on the wall. He was proud of being a Soldier. He had many friends who were old Soldiers. He would of liked you. You like whiskey and are polite. You treat be like a lady. He didn’t like the guy you try to kill. He was like you. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt his daughter. I have talked to my sister already. She is glad I’m okay. She knows we are staying one day and off to California. She was pissed off at first and I told her, you were a saint. She told me. At long as I’m okay. She would be fine.”  I turned to her and told her. “That is good. Maybe will be less problems.  Remember honey. We been together for a few days. You may not like me in a month. I’m Army trained. I roll-up my socks and underwear. I like a clean house and I may be a a drunk?  Lana gave me a big smile and said. “That is good. I don’t like mess either. I can’t cook too good. Only steak, pork chops and hamburgers.  Nothing healthy.  I’m thinking of becoming a drunk too”   I looked at her and said. “My three favorite meals. I have fallen in love already.” She laughed and watch the snowy Highway 80 going by.

I saw the sign for Nevada. I asked her. “I hope you are hungry. It is break time coming soon. We will eat and gamble a little bit. The Nevada border is near.”  She told me.’This is a good thing. My legs need a walk. I’m tire of being in the truck and I’m hungry.  A few miles into Nevada. Many signs for the casinos. I took the first exit off in the state of Nevada and we stopped at the second one. Wasn’t too big or too small. It had a free food bar. It was my kind of place.  We walked in. Many machines for the quarters and the table for black jack and twenty-one in the back.
We went into the food area and sat down.

Lana sat next to me and told me. “Thank you Johnnie. These are the best days of my life in a long time.
I like traveling with you. You don’t rush me. You take me dancing and you like to stop at every tourist spot. Just like my father would have. I know I have known you a short time. My Grandmother told me a long time ago. Few good men in this world. If you get one. Don’t let them go. If I’m too much trouble. I can stay in Reno with my sister?”

I brought her closer and told her. “Dear Lana. You ain’t no trouble. You are like maple syrup on morning pancakes. I want to eat you alive. I decided Monterey with you would be mighty fine. You make me want to be alive. I want us to fall in love by the sea. Drink coffee and talk about your travel and your school. I’m not holding you prisoner either. If you feel we are wrong.  I will drop you off in Reno and be content I spend time with a beautiful Boston girl.”

Lana gave me her sweet and angelic smile and said. “A beautiful Boston girl won’t let you go Johnnie. I just need to hear you say you need me.  The Boston girl fell in love with the suntan beauty the day you put down my so-call boyfriend.  I want to thank you.”

Coyote/John Castellenas