She wanted Paris and I wanted her.


                                         Paris in 1976

She wanted Paris and I wanted her

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part one. I hope you enjoy.


This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                        She wanted Paris and I wanted her.
Her eyes like dancing stars exploding into the night sky.
Her soft hand holding my hand tightly.
She whispered you promised me Paris and wild nights.I want the old city of lights.
I want to make love in the silk sheets and soft blankets.
I want the strong coffee and to sit in the view of the river.
Watching you write poetry.

I want to tease you and I will wear my long dress, and I will open my legs for you.
I will allow you to see my bare legs and secret places,  free from the shackle of panties.
I want you to see me and write freely,  I want to make you mad with the hunger to
take me at will.

I embraced my beautiful  and sweet Katie and told her.
If you want Paris.  I want Paris too.
I yearn to see your legs opening wide and making me smile and dream.
I want to find new hunger and for us to find new places to touch and discover.

My sweet Katie smiled and she told me with a sweet smile.
You will is my command. She came to me and whispered.
You are mine and I’m yours.  Please take what you need my kind lover.

I write in my journal. The saga of the imagination makes me wish for things I cannot have.
The wisp of need grow with time and teasing touches and memories.
I wanted beauty at my feet. I dreamed of places of chaos and no control.
I dreamed of Katie with her face resting in my lap, looking up with a shy smile.
Saying words with beautiful eyes that didn’t need to be spoken.

She wanted Paris and I wanted her.
I had dreams of beauty at my feet. Her hungers make me live and come alive again.
I told beautiful Katie.

You are the sweet wine to set my mind free and the fire in the cold night to warm
my body and spirit.

You will have Paris and I will have you.

Coyote/John Castellenas