Highway 80 west stories. Chapter thirteen. “Reno”

Highway 80 west stories. Chapter thirteen. “Reno”

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Lana must decide her journey.


                                  Highway 80 west stories. Chapter thirteen.  “Reno”

I gave Lana a hundred dollars. She went for the black Jack table. I stood at the distance. She tried her best. She lost the money in a half-hour.  She came back to me with a sad face and told me. “You are right Johnie. Gambling is no good. I won’t gamble no-more.  Are you going to gamble? I told her. “No honey. I have done this a few times. I gave my money to the casinos too many times already. Are you ready for the final ride till we arrive at your sister house.’
She smiled and said okay.

We entered highway 80. She moved over and got next to me. She took my hand and kissed it, than she held my right hand tightly. I saw in her eyes. She was thinking I was going to drop her off in Reno and drive into the mountains and forget her.  I kissed her cheek and I told her. “My Lana, I will not run from you. Today I need to run to you and make you feel wanted and needed.  I want you happy and content. I want you to have a life. I worked for 32 years. I never enjoyed life till one year ago. The Army took me to war but also took me to new places. Wasn’t for the Army. I wouldn’t have met you. You are young and beautiful and I feel weaken when I’m near you. You make me believe love can be possible and my want is to see you smile and know the good things.”

Lana started to cry and laid her head into my shoulder. She kissed my neck and whispered. “Thank you Johnnie. I needed to hear them words. I have never wanted to give myself to anyone completely. With you. I feel safe and I feel I can be wild and not be afraid to show my bad side and good. I can stand nude in the front of you and I know. You think I’m beautiful. You don’t see my flaws and I know you love me.”

The sign on Highway 80 said Reno was 50 miles away. I told my sleeping Lana. “It is time to wake up. Almost to Reno.  We will be at your sister house in one hour.” She begin to put make-up on and she asked me. “Do I look okay? ” I told her. “You are prettier than a perfect painting.” I squeezed her leg and I told her. “It will be fine. I will meet your sister and you will get yourself organized for Monterey.  You will need money and you need to buy some clothing. We will spend one day here. I have three days to report in. I want to get to Monterey one day early. We need shelter my love.”

Lana asked me to stop at the next rest stop. She used the bathroom and requested we stay for a minute. She told me. “Johnnie, I’m afraid. When I face my sister. I will see my father’s face and brake down. You made me forget for a moment. I’m so damn scare and sad. My father told me often. Be brave my sweetie. Be strong for your father. Remember you will be my baby girl forever. I watched him die and I couldn’t do nothing.” I wrapped my arms around her and I told her. “Sweetheart, we can’t always be strong. You need to mourn. Mourning means we are alive. Tears for someone we love are necessary. If you didn’t feel sadness and regret. You would die too.”

Lana pulled away and wiped away her tears. She told me.”You are right Johnnie. I know I will be okay. I can lean on you awhile if you allow. I won’t be dead weight and hold you down. I promise.” I kissed her and told her.

“You are not dead weight. You are true beauty to a man who didn’t know he could feel and need again. You have saved me my beautiful Lana. I believe you are a gift. A honored touch for a man who held nothing for value till I saw your beautiful eyes looking up at me when I picked you up.”

Lana smiled and told me. “This is very good. Now we must meet my bossy sister and I need to leave the damn truck. Tonight we will dance and drink.  I don’t want to  sit no-more today. I kissed her and said. “Today we dance and drink in Reno. Your wish is my command.”

Coyote/John Castellenas



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