The train ride to Paris. Part two.


The train ride to Paris

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part two of my new story.


This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                      The train ride to Paris

We took the train to Paris. The easy morning train left Stuttgart at 8 am.
She worn a silk blue blouse and a knee-high skirt. Her full breasts shown proudly
through the thin material.

She asked me. “Johnnie, do you think I’m sexy? Am I beautiful?  Comes a line of no return, my lover.”
She took my hand to her legs and she opened her legs enough for my hand to enter into
the tenderness of warm flesh and she closed her legs tightly. She gave me a smile of I need
you now. I saw in her eyes her want and her demand. She whispered. “Don’t stop lover, I need
to fall into your touch. I want to feel alive.”

Sweet Katie told me as I caressed her wetness as she moved with my fingers,  her aroused vagina moving and
trying to grasp hand and fist.  “Baby, can’t control the sea. Can’t control the wind and you cannot control
the want of a free woman. I want to know no limits. Love is a million mile journey. Good to be the prey or sometime be the predator. Softness will lead to hardness. Gentleness will lead to the want to test the body and increase the excitement. I need your hands and lips upon me now. Make me feel your need and want now!”

She leans against me as I increased the speed and the movement of my hand. She closed her eyes as I entered into the warmth of her tender womb.  She kissed my neck and whispered. “Thank you Johnnie for Paris. Paris is where I need to be. My wanton spirit need the old city. I want you to take me by the Seine river. I want you to lift my skirt up and for you to enter me with great force and want. I want us to make the ancient spirits jealous for we have found dangerous love where we are not bounded by rules of locked doors and stable sex. I don’t want stable sex. I want to be locked-ups, ties-up and be force into places of no return.’

Sweet Katie gave me slow and sweet kisses. She opened her eyes and her breathing increased till she released her desperation breath into my willing mouth. She pulled my hand away and she brought my hand to her lips. She kissed each finger and she told me. “You play me like a skilled piano-man. Knowing how to make me feel free and wild.’

I told her. “You are my everything. Everything is you. You make my imagination dance into wild and elastic dreams. The wisp of your memory, your face and thinking of you laying nude under sheets of silk. Leave me wanting more and more of you my beautiful love.”

Katie looked out the window. Paris was in view now. Katie reached over and she kissed me one. She kissed me twice and she told me. “Thank you for Paris.”

I did a silence prayer. I knew she wanted Paris and I wanted her near. I thanks the spirit of life and death for her and the city of Paris.

Coyote/John Castellenas



© 2014 Coyote Poetry