She wanted Paris and I wanted her. “City of lights.”


City of lights

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Part three.


This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                      City of lights

We would arrive in Paris before the noon hour. Katie was content watching Paris grow larger from the view of the train window. She smiled and winked at me and she asked me. Do you think I’m a wicked woman? I have surrender freely to the wanton need of my body and give myself without fear or regret?

I told her. We are tricking the Gods. The Gods want us to be sedated and cold-heart in the emotion of passion. They want us to fear their golden rules and hide the need of the flesh. They want us to locked our doors and know the missionary position only.  Trying to make us forget we are flesh and bones needing to awake every senses we can control. My eyes see you and I want to take you now. I want to taste your skin, your lips. My hands wants to caress your inner thighs, gentle tickling you softly and try to make you wish for more. I want to smell your hair and sweet scent of your perfume on soft and willing skin. I want to hear your voice whispering. I need you Johnnie now. The Gods fear we will know what ecstasy is. They want us to forget them. Become like tamed and locked-up beast.

Katie smiled and went to her knees and she asked me.  “Do the Gods sleep? I wondered. Or were they dead?”
I told her. The Gods do not sleep. Men believe they are wiser and stronger than the Gods. In the end. All men bow and pray for regret and sorrow. They burn incense seeking forgiveness. That is the trickery of the Gods. They always win.

Katie laid her head into my lap and than she looked up and asked. If the Gods always win. Why do we try to taste any kind of victory? Are we doomed to die and meet the Gods?   I caressed her face and I told her. We are playing with a loaded deck. We can’t win but if we twist and turn the game around. Don’t follow the golden rules. The Gods hate when we are blindfolded to their will. When we don’t use their paradoxes of false rules and the prisons of dead-ends. Look around us. The next cabin sits two people. They are locked in silence. She is still a beauty and he is still a good looking man. Now they sit across from each other with silence. They are dead in love. The Gods made them pacifist and worn out. They forgot the inner desire that made them fall in love. Dead love is no love. They are just waiting for the sad ending. Missionary sex and no laughter.

Katie smiled and told me. I want to wear my short skirt tonight and my new silk blouse. I want the Paris gentle breezes  to make my body come alive. You promised me a Midnight walk by the river. I want you to take me at your will. I’m yours and you are mine. I kissed her once, I kissed her twice.

I told her tonight we make the Gods jealous. Make them realize some of us are still free from their prisons of thoughts and control. Not afraid of tender skin and the want of the body. We don’t need locked doors to hide how much I need you my beautiful Katie. I want us to climb to the topmost peaks of love,to know the elixir of your sweet kiss. I want us to go love-mad where we are free and we can’t return to who we are.

Katie took my hands. She kissed each one and she told me. Thank you for Paris, my city of lights. I feel the fire burning inside my body. I want us free and wild my lover. I won’t allow the Gods to win. We will play Master and slave. Predator and prey. I will allow you to control me and make me feel adored and wanted. We are free to drink French wines and we stay nude in the hotel room. Only get dressed, to roam the old city.

I wrapped my arms around her. I did a silence prayer. She wanted Paris. I wanted her. I thanks the Gods for being kind. Being merciful for two lovers in the city of lights.



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