Paris days and nights Chapter four

Paris days and nights

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


The city of lights had much to offer. History, beauty and art.


This Chapter is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

                             Paris days and nights
We  took a taxi  the HotelDevillas. I picked the hotel because it was in walking distance of the River Seine. Had many places Katie wanted to visit. The hotel was beautiful. We had a view of the main street.
“Old city, blessed city
The city of light
Paris is ancient and wise
Had seen days of glory and defeat.
The city is swimming with old spirit of the world past.
The Paris nights bring out the lover seeking reunite and
the spirits seeking peace.Old city, haunted city.
Where new lovers come to find the energy and turbulence
of wild and free love.

Trying to create a love for the ages.
Make the old gods jealous.
Few will touch and know.”

We left the hotel quickly. Beautiful Katie wanted to see the Universities and the garden of Luxembourg today. She was dancing through the streets of the Latin  Quarters of Paris. I adored her as she drank in the ancient city. I walked close to her. I saw she was in her element and I didn’t want to displease her with useless talk. I enjoyed the ancient cities also. Each city having their own personalities and charm.
Paris was haunted to me. She had knew many wars and sicknesses. She had withstood time as a monument to what men and women could survive. The city flourished today.
Holding the past and modern time with politeness. Katie came to me and she gave me long and sweet kisses by the River Seine. She whispered. Thank you for Paris and understanding me. I told her. She made Paris more beautiful with her present. You make the old Gods jealous they cannot embrace you.

She laughs at my words and danced on the old steps in the Latin Quarters.  No-one noticed her. Paris made people careless and the heart bold. No need to subdue emotion and want in the city if lights. Better to be wild, to sing the song of love. Be reckless and bare your heart without regret.

I found my café. The Cafe Les Deux Margot. Hemingway and Picasso had drunk their wine  here and celebrated being alive once. I wanted to sit with Katie. See what Hemingway saw with her.    Katie eyes were alive with joy and beauty. I ordered sweet red wine and we watched the people calmly walking by. I didn’t talk. Words are sometimes not needed. I poured the wine and we touched wine glasses.  I toasts to Paris, to love and for her being with me.

She held my hand tightly and she asked. When are we going back to the hotel. I want to strip bare and I want you to join me in the sheets of silk. I want to make you feel wanted and appreciated. I want you to know delight and embrace. I want to feel your kiss, make you go mad with want and need. I want us to be overtook by the energy of this city. I want madness and desperate days and nights of lovemaking.

I kissed her hand and I told her. The hotel is near. Let’s buy some good wine and wander back to the hotel. Today we will make the old city jealous. Unbounded love is what I want. I want to see you smile, content. You are my sweet dream.  Katie gave me a coy smile and she told me.

The city of lights is ours. Tonight we have Paris. I have you and I want us to stay awake with want and anguish.  No fasting tonight my Johnnie.

Coyote/John Castellenas

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