This is a real story. Kalila was a Soldier. Please read.


This isn’t one of my stories. Kalila was a Soldier. A true hero. Her story brought me to tears. 20 chapters of worthwhile reading. This story is posted in Writer Cafe.

Thoughts From Baghdad .oo1

A Chapter by Kalila


There’s a lot to learn when the Army decides to send you thousands of miles away from home to fight a war that doesn’t make sense…


There’s a lot to learn when the Army decides to send you thousands of miles away from home to fight a war that doesn’t make sense. You learn a lot about yourself. A lot about the soldiers next to you. A lot about the friends you left behind. You become greatful for simple things you took for granted before. I think I may have made a mistake when I took candy from the strange man in the humvee that said “Just call me Uncle Sam, kiddo.” I guess you can’t really blame me, though. He seemed like a nice guy. Then again, if Uncle Sam hadn’t drawn me in, I would never have met Josh, I’d still be working at McDonald’s, my family wouldn’t have any reason to be proud of me, and I’d be on a life long journey to failure. But back to the other hand, I wouldn’t be writing this in Iraq, sitting at CID in the wonderful city of Baghdad, with a bottle of somewhat cold water, an empty bottle, a dip tucked along my gum line under my lip, savoring every gust of air that stirs the sweat pouring off my face. I would be home in MA enjoying a nice sunny day, where the temperature stands around 90 degrees, instead of 110 degrees. (120-125 degrees with all my gear.) I look like I’m going into space with all this gear. Headset, helmet, ballistic vest that’s too big for my body, too long for my torso, sun glasses, gloves, and harness. With this gunner’s harness, I look awkward. I feel awkward. You know, it hasn’t hit me yet that I’m deployed. Sometimes my mind slips and I think A day off? I should call Josh and see if he wants to do anything. and then I remember Oh yeah. I can’t…I keep thinking it’s just another day of work back on Ft. Leonard Wood, and after work I can go home, shower, then see Josh. Or go to Sonic with Audrey. Or just relax in my room until I feel like doing something or going to sleep. This isn’t Ft. Leonard Wood, though. This is definitely not Ft. Leonard Wood. I’miniraq, damn it, and I’m here for another 14 months. I get to go home for 2 weeks at some point, maybe February or March. My mother doesn’t know, but I plan on spending most of R&R in MO. With Josh, with Audrey, with the people back in MO that I have come to know as my real friends. I’ll still go to MA, but only for a few days. Maybe during the week. I can’t stand being home for too long. I fit better with the Army, and going home means leaving the Army. Everyone I knew back home is gone. They either found drugs or college. I don’t approve of drugs, and since I’m just a soldier, I don’t fit in with the college scene. But on Ft. Leonard Wood, I fit in. Hell, I even fit in with the Marines on Ft. Leonard Wood. Josh is a Marine, and so are his best friends. And they love me. Josh said he’d wait for me. He said he fell for me. We even dare to say “I love you”toeachother. I don’t have any of that in MA. My life is in MO, now.



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